Florabundance Gardens Native Plant Nursery

Make plans to come visit us during the Coastal Wildscapes 13th Annual Native Plant Sale, on Saturday, September 24th from 9 am to 1 pm at Ashantilly Center.
The address is 1712 Bond Rd, Darien, GA 31305
Order online and prepay for delivery of your order for pickup at this event.
Please order by 9/23/2022 before 12 noon for us to have your order ready.

Florabundance Gardens has locally grown plants for your garden projects.   Our home-based nursery near Darien, Georgia grows native plants for pollinators and wildlife, as well as other interesting plants you may not find in standard nurseries. Our plants are grown outside under the trees using organic soil and recycled containers.

We make that gift for the “Hard to Find” easy as 1-2-3. 

Our Gift Card will be emailed to your recipient!

Plants can be ordered now here at our online store and can be picked up by appointment only at Florabundance Gardens Nursery in Darien, Georgia. We will contact you by phone and/or email a few days after your purchase to discuss your options. 


We gladly accept and reuse clean plastic pots in good condition 4″ and larger.  Please bring yours when you pick up your plants.

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Many thanks to Christa Hayes for her beautiful photos on our website, if you see a plant with a butterfly that is one of hers, plus many more.

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