Plants can be ordered now online and for pick up by Appointment Only at Florabundance Gardens Nursery in Darien, Georgia. We will contact you by phone and/or email a few days after your purchase to discuss your options.

Florabundance Gardens Native Plant Nursery

Many thanks to Christa Hayes for her beautiful photos on our website, if you see a plant with a butterfly that is one of hers, plus many more.

Florabundance Gardens has locally grown plants for your garden projects.   Our home-based nursery near Darien, Georgia grows native plants for pollinators and wildlife, as well as other interesting plants you may not find in standard nurseries. Our plants are grown outside under the trees using organic soil and recycled containers. The nursery is located in an interesting landscape featuring marsh, pond, forest, and a developing display garden, that is home to many pollinators and predators providing interest and activity throughout the year. 

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