Canna ‘Bengal Tiger’ Canna Lily


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Canna Americanallis, or Bengal Tiger, is a Canna cultivar with green leaves and striking yellow stripes (variegated) and showy orange flowers perched on stalks that can rise 6 feet. The gently spreading foliage can also reach lengths of more than 5 feet, which makes it a great plant for background or if you need height in your garden. Canna Americanallis prefers rich, mildly acidic soil, consistent watering (it does not like to dry out) and can be grown in up to 6 inches of water during the summer. If you plan to use it as a water plant, gradually introduce it to aquatic life.

Seed and pollen of this plant have very low fertility levels and more success with propagation is likely with dividing and harvesting bulbs for storage indoors over winter and planted in the spring. The rhizomes are thick, over an inch in diameter and, if that is your strategy, consider growing the plant in a 5 gallon pot that can be removed from the water garden in fall and the rhizomes stored indoors.

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