Chasmanthium latifolia River Oats

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    Chasmanthium latifolia River Oats is a native, clump-forming, upright grass with a distinctive seed head resembling oats. It is easily grown in moist to wet well-drained soils in part sun to part shade. It is fairly tolerant of shade and may spread aggressively by rhizomes and seeds.

    The drooping seedheads atop tall stalks emerge green in spring, turn tan in summer and then purplish in fall. They sway gracefully in the slightest breeze. The bamboo-like leaves often turn yellow-gold in fall if given enough sun. 

    Use in naturalized areas, along streams or edges of water gardens. 

    This plant was selected as the 1994 NC Wildflower of the Year, a program managed by the North Carolina Botanical Garden with some financial support from the Garden Club of North Carolina.

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