Euthamia caroliniana Slender Goldentop

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Euthamia caroliniana, known as slender goldentop or Carolina grass-leaved goldenrod is a flowering plant in the genus Euthamia, a member of the sunflower family. It is listed as Vulnerable due to habitat loss and disturbance within its range.

Euthamia caroliniana is found primarily on the Atlantic Coastal Plain between Nova Scotia and eastern Texas. It also has populations in the Great Lakes region and around Lake Champlain. Inland populations are also known from Indiana and Kentucky. Within its range it can be found in open sandy areas, such as powerline cuts in pine barrens.

Along the east coast, Carolina Goldentops only overlap with Grass-leaved Goldentop, which has wider leaves with one to three conspicuous veins (versus narrow leaves with only one vein in Carolina Goldentops).

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