Iris cristata Dwarf Crested Iris

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    Dwarf crested Iris is a native Iridaceae (iris) family species.  It reaches only 4-9 inches tall and spreads to form a ground cover in its native peaty woodland habitat. It offers an early perennial spring bloom in partly shady areas and grows well in rock gardens and woodland sites.  Following the blooms, the foliage is useful as a ground cover in the woodland shade.

    This plant grows best in partial sun to partial shade, preferring rich, well-drained soil, but it also grows in the difficult-to-manage dry shade. A too rich soil will encourage foliage growth and no blooms. It can tolerate full sun but needs more moisture. Use this plant for a ground cover in partly shady areas of rock gardens, woodland sites or in a perennial border.  It is resistant to damage by deer.

    Previously known as:

    • Evansia cristata
    • Iris glumacea
    • Iris odorata
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