Iris domestica Blackberry Lily


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Blackberry lily is a rhizomatous perennial in the Iridaceae (iris) family and is native to Asia. It has iris-like leaves, but the flowers resemble a lily, and the fruit splits open to reveal a cluster of blackberry-like seeds. The orange-spotted flowers appear in sprays of 3-12 in late summer for several weeks.

Well-drained soil is a must, especially in winter, as wet soils are fatal. Plant in average, moist, well-drained garden soil in full sun to partial shade 3-4 in. apart (6-9 per sq. ft.) with a depth of 5 in. to the base of the rhizome. They are drought tolerant once established.

Use in the perennial border of a cottage or coastal garden.  Mass plant them along a walkway, add them to a cutting garden, or intersperse them throughout a xeric garden.

Previously known as:

  • Belamcanda chinensis
  • Belamcanda flabellata
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