Iris virginica Southern Blue Flag

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    Iris virginica, with the common name Southern Blue Flag and Virginia iris, is a perennial species of flowering plant, native to eastern North America.

    It is common along the coastal plain from Florida to Georgia in the Southeastern United States.

    Iris virginica is a perennial plant. The plant has 2 to 4 erect or arching, bright green, lance-shaped leaves that are flattened into one plane at the base. Leaves are 1–3 cm (121+14 in) wide and are sometimes longer than the flower stalk. The fleshy roots (1–2 cm or 1234 in in diameter) are rhizomes that spread underground. Pale brown, variably shaped seeds are born in three-part fruit capsules (3–6 cm or 1+142+14 in long, 1–2 cm or 1234 in wide).

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