Tripacum dactyloides Dwarf Fakahatchee Grass

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    Tripacum dactyloides Dwarf Fakahatchee Grass, or commonly known as Gamagrass, is a smaller relative of Fakachatchee Grass. This native grass is easy to grow and low maintenance which makes it a great addition to many landscapes. It acclimates to both dense and light soils and is one of the most shade tolerant grasses, growing best in full sun or light shade. Another great feature is its tolerance to both wet soil conditions and droughts.

    This is an evergreen clumping grass with thin, slender blades. Distinctive rust-colored flower spikes stand a little taller than the foliage. It prefers wet soil conditions but is also quite drought tolerant. It is one of the most shade tolerant grasses and naturalizes readily in most conditions. A couple of characteristics can distinguish this variety. It has noticeably more narrow blades than its non-dwarf relative and also a smaller mature height of about 2 to 3 feet. It is important to know which Fakahatchee grass you are purchasing because they have quite a size difference.

    Dwarf Fakahatchee Grass works great as an accent in ground cover beds, a stabilizer for banks and steep slopes and a nice edging along streams and ponds. Dwarf Fakahatchee Grass is a very functional plant, yet it is not being used as much as other varieties.

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