Tripsacum dactyloides Eastern Gammagrass

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    Eragrostis spectabilis, known as purple lovegrass, is a species of flowering plant in the family Poaceae, native from southern Canada to northeastern Mexico. 

    Purple love grass is a small, perennial, well-behaved ornamental grass in the Poaceae (grass family).  This warm-season grass is native to central and eastern North America and is found naturally in sandy fields, along roadsides, and in woodlands. It spreads slowly by rhizomes.

    Plant it in open areas well-drained slightly dry soil in the full sun. It is tolerant of hot dry conditions.  Its airy pink seed heads float gracefully above the dense clumping foliage.

    Plant in small groups or mass plan in a border, meadow, or native plant garden.  It can be mowed a few times a year if it is being used as a lawn alternative that is exposed to light foot traffic.  It will not handle heavy foot traffic.  In the winter it will go dormant.

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