Verbesina occidentalis Yellow Wingstem

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Verbesina occidentalis Yellow Wingstem is a flowering plant in the family Asteraceae.  Verbesina occidentalis is often considered a weedy plant of disturbed areas, due its presence in managed agricultural areas such as hayfields.

The average height for Verbisina occidentalis is a meter tall. The plant has potential to grow to 2 meters in height. Verbisina occidentalis has yellow disk flowers. The number of ray flowers will range anywhere from two to five petals. The most common petal number is two. The flowers are sparse and are not evenly arranged around the head of the flower. This makes the plant looks like it is uneven or off balance. A distinctive feature of the plant is its winged stem. The plant is a perennial and will bloom during the late summer. The leaves are opposite in arrangement. The leaves are broad and ovate in shape. The leaves are typically six to twelve centimeters in length. The width of the leaves are usually eight to sixteen centimeters wide. The leaves are glabrous which gives it a smooth surface. The leaves will start to taper towards the apex. Verbesina occidentalis leaves have a serrated or toothed margin.

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