Calycanthus floridus Carolina Spicebush

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Calycanthus floridus, or commonly known as the eastern sweetshrub, Carolina all spice, or spice bush,[2] is a species of flowering shrub in the family CalycanthaceaeIt is identifiable by its dark red flowers and fragrant scent. It is non-invasive and is found in the Southeastern United States region. The Nature Conservancy considers its conservation status to be G5, indicating it is at low risk of extinction.

Calycanthus floridus is a shrub that grows to be around 6 to 9 ft (2 to 3 m) tall.  Its leaves are a dark green with a pale underside. They are ovate or elliptical in shape and grow to be about 6 inches in length. The leaves are simple, entire, and arranged oppositely along the stem.

The flowers are solitary, featuring a reddish brown to reddish purple color when they bloom in spring. They are aromatic and so are the leaves when bruised.  The flowers have a hypanthium that is more than 2 cm (0.8 in) long.  The shape of the flowers can be cylindrical, ellipsoid, pyriform, or globose.  The flowers have numerous tepals that can either be oblong-elliptic or obovate-lanceolate at maturity. The flowers are perfect, having both stamens and carpels on the flowers. The stamens are numerous, connective beyond the anthers.  The carpels are numerous. They are free, with a single ovary in a locule

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